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Info Hash:
  1. Cover.jpg527.43 KB
  2. Disc 1/1.02 Enter Main Menu.mp3818.99 KB
  3. Disc 1/1.18 Results (Co-op).mp32.21 MB
  4. Disc 1/1.03 Welcome - Guides.mp33.31 MB
  5. Disc 1/1.08 World Tour.mp33.72 MB
  6. Disc 1/1.04 Traverse Town -Main Menu 1-.mp33.74 MB
  7. Disc 1/1.13 Results (VS Battles).mp33.85 MB
  8. Disc 1/1.15 Museum.mp33.93 MB
  9. Disc 1/1.11 VS Battles.mp34.14 MB
  10. Disc 2/2.01 Dive into the Heart -Destati- [KINGDOM HEARTS].mp34.16 MB
  11. Disc 2/2.95 Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo [KINGDOM HEARTS Birth By Sleep].mp34.20 MB
  12. Disc 2/2.68 Part of Your World (English) [KINGDOM HEARTS II].mp34.21 MB
  13. Disc 2/2.67 Part of Your World (Japanese) [KINGDOM HEARTS II].mp34.21 MB
  14. Disc 2/2.149 Medley of Conflict [Piano Collections KINGDOM HEARTS FIELD & BATTLE].mp34.24 MB
  15. Disc 2/2.24 Pirate's Gigue [KINGDOM HEARTS].mp34.26 MB
  16. Disc 2/2.04 Kairi I [KINGDOM HEARTS].mp34.33 MB
  17. Disc 2/2.32 Simple and Clean ~short ver.~ (Japanese) [KINGDOM HEARTS].mp34.36 MB
  18. Disc 2/2.26 Scherzo di Notte [KINGDOM HEARTS].mp34.37 MB
  19. Disc 2/2.33 Simple and Clean ~short ver.~ (English) [KINGDOM HEARTS].mp34.37 MB
  20. Disc 2/2.02 Destiny Islands [KINGDOM HEARTS].mp34.39 MB
  21. Disc 2/2.106 Mickey Mouse March [KINGDOM HEARTS Birth By Sleep].mp34.43 MB
  22. Disc 2/2.13 Squirming Evil [KINGDOM HEARTS].mp34.51 MB
  23. Disc 2/2.18 Monstrous Monstro [KINGDOM HEARTS].mp34.56 MB
  24. Disc 2/2.96 Castle Escapade [KINGDOM HEARTS Birth By Sleep].mp34.56 MB
  25. Disc 1/1.14 ProfiCard.mp34.57 MB
  26. Disc 2/2.07 Traverse Town [KINGDOM HEARTS].mp34.64 MB
  27. Disc 2/2.122 Majestic Wings [KINGDOM HEARTS 3D [Dream Drop Distance]].mp34.64 MB
  28. Disc 2/2.74 The 13th Dilemma [KINGDOM HEARTS II].mp34.66 MB
  29. Disc 2/2.141 Graveyard Labyrinth [KINGDOM HEARTS III].mp34.66 MB
  30. Disc 2/2.53 Magical Mystery [KINGDOM HEARTS II].mp34.66 MB
  31. Disc 2/2.19 Under the Sea [KINGDOM HEARTS].mp34.68 MB
  32. Disc 2/2.09 Welcome to Wonderland [KINGDOM HEARTS].mp34.68 MB
  33. Disc 2/2.82 Rage Awakened [KINGDOM HEARTS II -FINAL MIX-].mp34.68 MB
  34. Disc 2/2.98 The Rustling Forest [KINGDOM HEARTS Birth By Sleep].mp34.68 MB
  35. Disc 2/2.112 Rage Awakened -The Origin- [KINGDOM HEARTS Birth By Sleep].mp34.68 MB
  36. Disc 2/2.129 Sacred Distance [KINGDOM HEARTS 3D [Dream Drop Distance]].mp34.68 MB
  37. Disc 2/2.57 Waltz of the Damned [KINGDOM HEARTS II].mp34.72 MB
  38. Disc 2/2.155 Kairi III [KINGDOM HEARTS].mp34.73 MB
  39. Disc 2/2.03 Bustin' Up on the Beach [KINGDOM HEARTS].mp34.74 MB
  40. Disc 2/2.78 Darkness of the Unknown [KINGDOM HEARTS II].mp34.75 MB
  41. Disc 2/2.12 Go for it! [KINGDOM HEARTS].mp34.77 MB
  42. Disc 2/2.126 Prankster's Party [KINGDOM HEARTS 3D [Dream Drop Distance]].mp34.79 MB
  43. Disc 1/1.19 Config.mp34.81 MB
  44. Disc 2/2.154 Stranded Beyond [KINGDOM HEARTS III].mp34.85 MB
  45. Disc 2/2.16 Arabian Dream [KINGDOM HEARTS].mp34.87 MB
  46. Disc 2/2.55 Scherzo di Notte [KINGDOM HEARTS II].mp34.89 MB
  47. Disc 2/2.140 Robot Overdrive [KINGDOM HEARTS III].mp34.90 MB
  48. Disc 2/2.20 An Adventure in Atlantica [KINGDOM HEARTS].mp34.91 MB
  49. Disc 2/2.46 Sinister Sundown [KINGDOM HEARTS II].mp34.91 MB
  50. Disc 1/1.09 Results.mp34.98 MB
  51. Disc 2/2.15 A Day in Agrabah [KINGDOM HEARTS].mp34.98 MB
  52. Disc 2/2.49 Roxas [KINGDOM HEARTS II].mp35.00 MB
  53. Disc 2/2.65 Monochrome Dreams [KINGDOM HEARTS II].mp35.00 MB
  54. Disc 2/2.110 Daydream upon Neverland [KINGDOM HEARTS Birth By Sleep].mp35.00 MB
  55. Disc 2/2.36 The Force in You [KINGDOM HEARTS Re- Chain of Memories].mp35.02 MB
  56. Disc 1/1.17 Co-op.mp35.04 MB
  57. Disc 2/2.23 Captain Hook's Pirate Ship [KINGDOM HEARTS].mp35.06 MB
  58. Disc 2/2.66 Old Friends, Old Rivals [KINGDOM HEARTS II].mp35.06 MB
  59. Disc 2/2.34 One-Winged Angel (from FINAL FANTASY VII) [KINGDOM HEARTS FINAL MIX].mp35.07 MB
  60. Disc 2/2.77 Riku [KINGDOM HEARTS II].mp35.07 MB
  61. Disc 2/2.37 Naminé [KINGDOM HEARTS Re- Chain of Memories].mp35.07 MB
  62. Disc 2/2.73 Sinister Shadows [KINGDOM HEARTS II].mp35.08 MB
  63. Disc 2/2.81 The Other Promise [KINGDOM HEARTS II -FINAL MIX-].mp35.08 MB
  64. Disc 1/1.16 Collection.mp35.10 MB
  65. Disc 2/2.11 Olympus Coliseum [KINGDOM HEARTS].mp35.10 MB
  66. Disc 2/2.05 Night of Fate [KINGDOM HEARTS].mp35.12 MB
  67. Disc 2/2.103 Black Garden [KINGDOM HEARTS Birth By Sleep].mp35.12 MB
  68. Disc 2/2.146 Hand in Hand [Piano Collections KINGDOM HEARTS].mp35.12 MB
  69. Disc 2/2.58 Dance of the Daring [KINGDOM HEARTS II].mp35.14 MB
  70. Disc 2/2.102 Radiant Garden [KINGDOM HEARTS Birth By Sleep].mp35.15 MB
  71. Disc 2/2.08 Shrouding Dark Cloud [KINGDOM HEARTS].mp35.17 MB
  72. Disc 2/2.48 The 13th Struggle [KINGDOM HEARTS II].mp35.19 MB
  73. Disc 2/2.87 Fight and Away [KINGDOM HEARTS 358-2 Days].mp35.19 MB
  74. Disc 2/2.63 What Lies Beneath [KINGDOM HEARTS II].mp35.21 MB
  75. Disc 2/2.51 The Afternoon Streets [KINGDOM HEARTS II].mp35.21 MB
  76. Disc 2/2.107 Up Down Adventure [KINGDOM HEARTS Birth By Sleep].mp35.21 MB
  77. Disc 2/2.28 Fragments of Sorrow [KINGDOM HEARTS].mp35.22 MB
  78. Disc 2/2.45 Lazy Afternoons [KINGDOM HEARTS II].mp35.23 MB
  79. Disc 2/2.135 You've Got a Friend in Me - KINGDOM HEARTS III Version - [KINGDOM HEARTS III].mp35.23 MB
  80. Disc 2/2.93 The Secret Whispers [KINGDOM HEARTS Birth By Sleep].mp35.27 MB
  81. Disc 2/2.14 Hand in Hand [KINGDOM HEARTS].mp35.29 MB
  82. Disc 2/2.10 To Our Surprise [KINGDOM HEARTS].mp35.29 MB
  83. Disc 2/2.75 Sacred Moon [KINGDOM HEARTS II].mp35.29 MB
  84. Disc 2/2.133 The Eye of Darkness [KINGDOM HEARTS 3D [Dream Drop Distance]].mp35.30 MB
  85. Disc 2/2.92 Terra [KINGDOM HEARTS Birth By Sleep].mp35.30 MB
  86. Disc 2/2.25 Hollow Bastion [KINGDOM HEARTS].mp35.31 MB
  87. Disc 2/2.60 Fields of Honor [KINGDOM HEARTS II].mp35.33 MB
  88. Disc 2/2.38 Castle Oblivion [KINGDOM HEARTS Re- Chain of Memories].mp35.33 MB
  89. Disc 2/2.39 Forgotten Challenge [KINGDOM HEARTS Re- Chain of Memories].mp35.33 MB
  90. Disc 2/2.22 Spooks of Halloween Town [KINGDOM HEARTS].mp35.33 MB
  91. Disc 2/2.17 A Very Small Wish [KINGDOM HEARTS].mp35.36 MB
  92. Disc 2/2.72 Byte Bashing [KINGDOM HEARTS II].mp35.36 MB
  93. Disc 2/2.52 Working Together [KINGDOM HEARTS II].mp35.36 MB
  94. Disc 2/2.80 Happy Holidays! [KINGDOM HEARTS II -FINAL MIX-].mp35.36 MB
  95. Disc 2/2.43 Sanctuary ~short ver.~ (Japanese) [KINGDOM HEARTS II].mp35.39 MB
  96. Disc 2/2.100 Ventus [KINGDOM HEARTS Birth By Sleep].mp35.39 MB
  97. Disc 2/2.86 Crossing to Neverland [KINGDOM HEARTS 358-2 Days].mp35.40 MB
  98. Disc 2/2.44 Sanctuary ~short ver.~ (English) [KINGDOM HEARTS II].mp35.40 MB
  99. Disc 2/2.114 Dismiss [KINGDOM HEARTS Birth By Sleep].mp35.42 MB
  100. Disc 2/2.50 Sora [KINGDOM HEARTS II].mp35.46 MB
  101. Disc 2/2.62 The Underworld [KINGDOM HEARTS II].mp35.48 MB
  102. Disc 2/2.117 Traverse in Trance [KINGDOM HEARTS 3D [Dream Drop Distance]].mp35.48 MB
  103. Disc 2/2.115 Wonder of Electron [KINGDOM HEARTS Re- coded].mp35.50 MB
  104. Disc 2/2.85 Secret of Neverland [KINGDOM HEARTS 358-2 Days].mp35.50 MB
  105. Disc 2/2.147 Working Together - Allegro vivace [Piano Collections KINGDOM HEARTS].mp35.50 MB
  106. Disc 2/2.131 L'Oscurita dell'Ignot [KINGDOM HEARTS 3D [Dream Drop Distance]].mp35.50 MB
  107. Disc 2/2.91 Future Masters [KINGDOM HEARTS Birth By Sleep].mp35.52 MB
  108. Disc 2/2.70 Savannah Pride [KINGDOM HEARTS II].mp35.54 MB
  109. Disc 2/2.94 Risky Romp [KINGDOM HEARTS Birth By Sleep].mp35.54 MB
  110. Disc 2/2.105 The Encounter -Birth by Sleep Version- [KINGDOM HEARTS Birth By Sleep].mp35.54 MB
  111. Disc 2/2.47 Tension Rising [KINGDOM HEARTS II].mp35.56 MB
  112. Disc 2/2.54 Reviving Hollow Bastion [KINGDOM HEARTS II].mp35.56 MB
  113. Disc 2/2.111 Neverland's Scherzo [KINGDOM HEARTS Birth By Sleep].mp35.57 MB
  114. Disc 2/2.89 Another Side -Battle Ver.- [KINGDOM HEARTS 358-2 Days].mp35.59 MB
  115. Disc 2/2.123 Access the Grid [KINGDOM HEARTS 3D [Dream Drop Distance]].mp35.63 MB
  116. Disc 2/2.113 Aqua [KINGDOM HEARTS Birth By Sleep].mp35.65 MB
  117. Disc 2/2.136 Happy Hair Day [KINGDOM HEARTS III].mp35.69 MB
  118. Disc 2/2.104 Black Powder [KINGDOM HEARTS Birth By Sleep].mp35.69 MB
  119. Disc 2/2.108 Hau'oli, Hau'oli [KINGDOM HEARTS Birth By Sleep].mp35.69 MB
  120. Disc 2/2.125 The Fun Fair [KINGDOM HEARTS 3D [Dream Drop Distance]].mp35.69 MB
  121. Disc 2/2.27 End of the World [KINGDOM HEARTS].mp35.71 MB
  122. Disc 2/2.21 This is Halloween [KINGDOM HEARTS].mp35.71 MB
  123. Disc 2/2.88 Vector to the Heavens [KINGDOM HEARTS 358-2 Days].mp35.71 MB
  124. Disc 2/2.124 Digital Domination [KINGDOM HEARTS 3D [Dream Drop Distance]].mp35.71 MB
  125. Disc 2/2.132 L'Impeto Oscuro [KINGDOM HEARTS 3D [Dream Drop Distance]].mp35.72 MB
  126. Disc 2/2.56 Desire for All That Is Lost [KINGDOM HEARTS II].mp35.73 MB
  127. Disc 2/2.90 The Promised Beginning [KINGDOM HEARTS Birth By Sleep].mp35.75 MB
  128. Disc 2/2.118 Hand to Hand [KINGDOM HEARTS 3D [Dream Drop Distance]].mp35.75 MB
  129. Disc 2/2.29 Guardando nel buio [KINGDOM HEARTS].mp35.78 MB
  130. Disc 2/2.148 Sora - Allegro con brio [Piano Collections KINGDOM HEARTS].mp35.80 MB
  131. Disc 2/2.61 Vim and Vigor [KINGDOM HEARTS II].mp35.82 MB
  132. Disc 2/2.40 Lord of the Castle [KINGDOM HEARTS Re- Chain of Memories].mp35.86 MB
  133. Disc 2/2.145 Destati [KINGDOM HEARTS Orchestra -World Tour- Album].mp35.86 MB
  134. Disc 2/2.101 Enter the Darkness [KINGDOM HEARTS Birth By Sleep].mp35.87 MB
  135. Disc 2/2.35 Another Side [KINGDOM HEARTS FINAL MIX].mp35.88 MB
  136. Disc 1/1.10 Team Menu.mp35.89 MB
  137. Disc 2/2.97 The Silent Forest [KINGDOM HEARTS Birth By Sleep].mp35.90 MB
  138. Disc 2/2.109 Mákaukau [KINGDOM HEARTS Birth By Sleep].mp35.90 MB
  139. Disc 2/2.142 Rise of the Union [KINGDOM HEARTS III].mp35.92 MB
  140. Disc 2/2.76 Deep Drive [KINGDOM HEARTS II].mp35.96 MB
  141. Disc 2/2.79 What A Surprise! [KINGDOM HEARTS II -FINAL MIX-].mp35.96 MB
  142. Disc 2/2.121 La Cloche [KINGDOM HEARTS 3D [Dream Drop Distance]].mp35.96 MB
  143. Disc 2/2.06 Destiny's Force [KINGDOM HEARTS].mp36.01 MB
  144. Disc 2/2.69 Adventures in the Savannah [KINGDOM HEARTS II].mp36.01 MB
  145. Disc 2/2.137 Monster Smash! [KINGDOM HEARTS III].mp36.03 MB
  146. Disc 2/2.99 The Tumbling [KINGDOM HEARTS Birth By Sleep].mp36.03 MB
  147. Disc 2/2.128 All for One [KINGDOM HEARTS 3D [Dream Drop Distance]].mp36.07 MB
  148. Disc 2/2.134 Wave of Darkness I [KINGDOM HEARTS 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage-].mp36.11 MB
  149. Disc 2/2.119 CALLING - KINGDOM MIX - [KINGDOM HEARTS 3D [Dream Drop Distance]].mp36.14 MB
  150. Disc 2/2.64 Rowdy Rumble [KINGDOM HEARTS II].mp36.15 MB
  151. Disc 2/2.84 Musique pour la tristesse de Xion [KINGDOM HEARTS 358-2 Days].mp36.15 MB
  152. Disc 2/2.59 The Home of Dragons [KINGDOM HEARTS II].mp36.17 MB
  153. Disc 2/2.150 Circle of Life (Japanese) [Other Titles].mp36.17 MB
  154. Disc 2/2.116 No More Bugs!! [KINGDOM HEARTS Re- coded].mp36.18 MB
  155. Disc 2/2.127 One for All [KINGDOM HEARTS 3D [Dream Drop Distance]].mp36.32 MB
  156. Disc 2/2.130 Deep Drop [KINGDOM HEARTS 3D [Dream Drop Distance]].mp36.40 MB
  157. Disc 2/2.71 Space Paranoids [KINGDOM HEARTS II].mp36.41 MB
  158. Disc 2/2.156 Dark Domination [KINGDOM HEARTS III].mp36.42 MB
  159. Disc 2/2.151 A Whole New World (Japanese) [Other Titles].mp36.70 MB
  160. Disc 2/2.120 Le Sanctuaire [KINGDOM HEARTS 3D [Dream Drop Distance]].mp36.80 MB
  161. Disc 1/1.05 Dream Eaters -Main Menu 2-.mp36.85 MB
  162. Disc 2/2.152 Beauty and the Beast (Japanese) [Other Titles].mp36.89 MB
  163. Disc 2/2.153 Beauty and the Beast (English) [Other Titles].mp36.89 MB
  164. Disc 2/2.83 Fate of the Unknown [KINGDOM HEARTS II -FINAL MIX-].mp37.28 MB
  165. Disc 1/1.01 Dearly Beloved -Swing Version-.mp37.94 MB
  166. Disc 1/1.06 At Dusk, I Will Think of You -Main Menu 3-.mp39.11 MB
  167. Disc 2/2.139 Let It Go [KINGDOM HEARTS III].mp39.18 MB
  168. Disc 1/1.07 Destiny's Union -Main Menu 4-.mp39.76 MB
  169. Disc 1/1.12 Online Battle.mp310.06 MB
  170. Disc 2/2.42 Sanctuary ~opening version~ (English) [KINGDOM HEARTS II].mp310.59 MB
  171. Disc 2/2.41 Sanctuary ~opening version~ (Japanese) [KINGDOM HEARTS II].mp310.65 MB
  172. Disc 2/2.144 Don't Think Twice (English) [KINGDOM HEARTS III].mp310.93 MB
  173. Disc 1/1.20 The End.mp310.94 MB
  174. Disc 2/2.143 Don't Think Twice (Japanese) [KINGDOM HEARTS III].mp310.96 MB
  175. Disc 2/2.31 Simple and Clean (English) [KINGDOM HEARTS].mp312.20 MB
  176. Disc 2/2.30 Simple and Clean (Japanese) [KINGDOM HEARTS].mp312.20 MB
  177. Disc 2/2.157 March Caprice for ''Melody of Memory''.mp316.05 MB