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  1. 00.-Chris De Burgh - Greatest Hits.m3u1.13 KB
  2. 01.-Here Is Your Paradise.flac20.19 MB
  3. 02.-Forever More.flac28.57 MB
  4. 03.-The Lady In Red.flac28.32 MB
  5. 04.-Missing You.flac27.45 MB
  6. 05.-Much More Than This.flac16.91 MB
  7. 06.-Fatal Hesitation.flac29.40 MB
  8. 07.-In Love Forever.flac26.59 MB
  9. 08.-So Beautiful.flac24.49 MB
  10. 09.-Almays On My Mind.flac18.09 MB
  11. 10.-Seperate Tables.flac21.61 MB
  12. 11.-If You Really Love Her, Let Her Go.flac21.03 MB
  13. 12.-Suddenly Love.flac18.52 MB
  14. 13.-Lonely Sky.flac23.20 MB
  15. 14.-The Head And The Heart.flac20.52 MB
  16. 15.-A Spaceman Came Travelling.flac30.17 MB
  17. 16.-Borderline.flac24.95 MB
  18. 17.-There's a New Star Up In Heaven Tonight.flac13.77 MB
  19. 18.-The Girl With April In Her Eyes.flac23.60 MB
  20. 19.-It's Such A Long Way Home.flac15.24 MB
  21. 20.-Five Past Dreams.flac24.38 MB
  22. 21.-Footsteps.flac18.41 MB
  23. 22.-Moonlight And Vodka.flac21.62 MB
  24. 23.-Sailing Away.flac34.52 MB
  25. 24.-Everywhere I Go.flac24.51 MB
  26. 25.-Every Step Of The Way.flac22.46 MB
  27. 26.-When I Think Of You.flac24.99 MB
  28. 27.-Every Drop Of Rain.flac22.36 MB
  29. 28.-The Snows Of New York.flac22.70 MB
  30. 29.-The Traveller.flac28.29 MB
  31. 30.-Don't Pay The Ferryman.flac27.36 MB
  32. 31.-Blonde Hair, Blue Jeans.flac24.33 MB
  33. 32.-In A Country Churchyard.flac23.91 MB
  34. 33.-Patricia The Stripper.flac21.70 MB
  35. 34.-Lebanese Night.flac34.53 MB
  36. 35.-One World.flac27.90 MB
  37. 36.-This Waiting Heart.flac30.22 MB
  38. 37.-Up Here In Heaven.flac34.41 MB
  39. 38.-Tender Hands.flac30.28 MB
  40. 39.-High On Emotion.flac31.50 MB
  41. 40.-Say Goodbye To It All.flac35.01 MB
  42. auCDtect.txt15.32 KB
  43. DR9.txt3.24 KB
  44. folder.jpg38.37 KB