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30 Rock - Unaired Pilot - NBC Internal DVD (The Friendly Neighborhood Executioner Release V1.0)


30 Rock needs no introduction.  It\'s an excellent Sitcom by Tiny Fey of SNL fame, 
and this is the unaired pilot that was sent out on DVD by NBC (Great job NBC, thanks!) for Hollywood
insiders to review.   
There were about 30 of these DVD\'s made, and the actual production date is June 27th 2006, over a year before the 
series went to air.  

You will notice that there are some different actors, the opening credits and incidental music has not 
been added yet, much that is.  The closing credits are unlike the series will ever use on TV,
 And you can tell by the episode, how the series was intended to proceed.

This file came from an internal NBC Promotional DVD.      

Do enjoy!  

The Jackass - 2008

30 ROCK S00E00 - Unaired Pilot - NBC Only Internal DVD Source (Like NBC is so stupid that they thought no one
would share this!   Hahah)    Dicks...      

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